3 Reasons Why Life Seems So Difficult…And What To Do About It

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Hello Friend,

It’s me, Calvin!

I trust you’re having a great day. IT’S SUCH AN EXCITING TIME TO BE LIVING >>> Today’s message is all about CLARITY! This is something that I’ve had the privilege (and oftentimes pain) of learning. Clarity. And, if I am being completely honest, learning to see and be clear can be a frustrating process in the beginning. Life can throw us some curve balls and leave us simply trying our best to make it through moment-by-moment. Do you understand what I mean? Have you ever felt like this?

“Dearly Beloved
We are gathered here today
to get through this thing called life”
– The Artist formerly known as Prince –

I want to begin our conversation by simply asking you a question.

Is your life full of clutter and chaos or
is your life FREE & CLEAR?

Are you just trying to “get through this thing we call life”? In my coaching practice I help people get through the pains and pressures of life and find increasing pleasure and purpose. If that sounds like something you would benefit from >>> Click Here and let’s schedule a time to talk about how I can help you reach your goals.

The great thing about life is that LIFE IS FAIR. Now, I know you may be thinking, “Some people have it easier than me. The 1% will always have more than the 99%. If life is so fair, when do I get my break?”

Listen, I’m not denying that on the surface some stories look and sound better than others. But we are still left with this truth—we all go through times of trial and we all go through times of triumph. Throughout various points in our lives, we all encounter three profound positions:

  1. Challenge
  2. Crisis
  3. Change

It is these magical words – Challenge, Crisis, & Change – that cause us to think that life is so difficult at times. However, can I give you a different way of looking at these three words?

The Position of CHALLENGE
Challenge comes to REALIGN us. Have you ever felt like you were in the “right place” in life but just needed a few adjustments? Everything is going well and then…the car breaks down, someone gets sick, you’re stuck in traffic, and late for work. Challenge is a place we get to when life wants to keep us “on track”. We often interpret the challenges in our life as obstacles and something we must conquer. However, these challenges are in our lives to help keep us on the path.

When you encounter something that feels like a challenge, it’s simply your inner knowing telling you “this is not the direction you should go…this is not the thought you should have…that job position will not help you reach your career goals.” I think you get the point. These moments are a way that life reflects what is more important and most impactful for your journey.

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The Position of CRISIS
Crisis comes to REVEAL us. Are you hiding? Hiding behind your failures? Hiding behind your potential? Sometimes, after you’ve had back-to-back challenges, this can leave you weary and sometimes worn out. We can find a comfortable place in life and simply hide out for a while. Sometimes we honestly need the rest and other times, we are simply avoiding life. Sound familiar? While time does not heal all wounds—it does reveal all wounds. As we continue living, we discover that some things that we thought were gone seem to repeat themselves. In these moments….here comes crisis. It is crisis—this overwhelming experience—that causes us to sink or swim. This is the universal wake-up call for you to be who you were meant to be! You are meant to be great. Learn to see your crisis moments as something greater coming through you rather than something else coming for you.

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The Position of CHANGE
Change comes to RESET us. There is nothing better than simply starting over. Some call it being born again. Others seek to obtain enlightenment. I call this resetting. Every time we reach a point that limits our potential and power, we seek a way to turn the odds in our favor. When change enters our life, it brings a fresh perspective. It is a neutral voice to speak into your life. What do I mean by that? Change doesn’t carry the baggage from your past. It is always seeking that which is new and forward moving. The reason that many of us have difficulty changing is that we want to hold on to our old stories. We’re trying to hold on to what didn’t work…why I failed…if only I had…what if I… (and the list keeps going).

Give yourself some redemption. You must allow yourself to reset. Starting again is not always starting over. You must let your past go and allow you life to continue its flow. When you release your past, you refocus your present. And, when you refocus – you live a life of clarity.

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When you have a mindset that is forward focused, you think as Oprah once said, “WHAT IS THE NEXT BEST MOVE?




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