The Evolution of Spiritual Community

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Hello Friends and Seekers,

Thanks for joining me for another conscious communication! So, have you thought about what our next evolution will be in the spiritual community? Well, get ready for this informational and intriguing conversation.

If you are a community leader or community supporter, you want to listen to this broadcast. Things as we know it are shifting and restructuring for the benefit of us all. This is the time where we must learn that we are better together than we are apart!

In this episode, I talk with my dear friend and fellow spiritual crusader – Buddha Noah. We discuss many things from self-development, the traditional church, collaboration and the next evolution of the spiritual community.

I know you will enjoy this conversation! Please be sure to support this work of creating a better world and share the love with your friends, family and community.

Until our next conversation…

Be Well & Be Whole,



Who Is Buddha Noah?
Buddha Noah Alvarez is one of the most prolific spiritual teachers in the United States, with a global clientele and following of his universal teachings about consciousness, spiritual gravity, and living beyond the human Matrix.

Learn more about Buddha Noah Alvarez at his website >

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