The 2017 Prophetic Tour started in the great city of Seattle Washington

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The 2017 Prophetic Tour started in the great city of Seattle Washington.

What an experience!

The weeks leading up to the tour were full of Spirit alignment and expectant creation. Friday January 6, 2017 the journey to Seattle from California began. Even though the trip itself was turbulent, there was a meditative quality traveling the two hours by plane.

We landed in the crisp beauty that is Seattle with clear air and beautiful snow. The mountains in the distance promised a storm so we made quick work of unpacking at our hotel and heading out to see the sights and sounds. First we visited Pike Place Market overlooking the Elliot Bay waterfront. This market opened in 1907 and is one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers’ markets in the United States. Here we found warm handmade outerwear which helped our bodies transition from the warmer California climate. We tasted fresh hot apple cider and found a displaced totem pole far from its original home in Alaska. The Seattle locals were warm and accommodating, directing us to some local cuisine which lived up to every expectation. We then found our way back to the hotel for much needed rest.

Sunday morning brought a hefty cold front and substantial rain fall. We prepared ourselves and set out for the morning service arriving well in advance of the general crowd. We met in a lovely chapel and were graciously received by Pastor Brian Hutchinson and his congregation who made us feel right at home. The prayers were and continued to be that the Spirit would fill Prophet Calvin and empower him to deliver a timely and effective word to those participating. And so, it was.

Right before the message was to be delivered, the power to 20,000 of Seattle’s residents went out.

This gave opportunity for a candle lit service. Here the stage was set for a powerful message of “Creating In and From the Darkness.” Prophet Calvin revealed the substance that makes us who we are. He told us that it was naturally and spiritually normal to be afraid of the dark but to get used to the feelings of darkness without holding on to the fear. “The power of the light is only as great as the darkness you experience.” He confronted our “holding patterns”, challenging us to create movement as a way out. He talked about the power that is found in times of darkness be it socially, spiritually, or mentally. Prophet reminded us that from deep darkness is birthed the elements from which a unique divine creation is born. All around the chapel there was an eager and expectant atmosphere where we were experiencing internally and externally what it was to be in the darkness. Yet the analogy was extremely clear for in the darkness there was individual flames of light spread all about illuminating each face. Separate yet collective. Individual but all one.

Prophet Calvin said that most of us are not afraid of the darkness itself but what will emerge from within the darkness. Yet what emerges inside the darkness is necessary to create the light. He said that we are afraid of seeing or feeling all of who we are. He called upon us to go deep into the darkness and with great courage bring all of who we are out into the light. Upon the close of the service, two soul healings were performed and there was great weeping and rejoicing. After service the Prophet did some individual counseling and encouragement and then we headed out to find a local restaurant not effected by the power outage.

As soon as the feet of Prophet Calvin left the church property, the power was restored to the city. All was as it had been yet we were forever changed. The rest of the trip was a peaceful blur and we were glad to find our feet solidly back on California soil. We are thankful the opportunity to serve and are especially grateful for the powerful energetic workers that kept fueling this endeavor.

We are looking forward to our next destination. Stay tuned for more news on that.

With much love and blessings,

The staff of 2017 Prophetic Tour

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