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One Night Only – Speaking Engagement and Book Signing Event

Gretna, Virginia, April 12, 2017– Calvin Witcher, an internationally-known spiritual thought leader, best-selling author, master life coach, and inspirational speaker, returns home to Gretna after 17 years traveling the world teaching thousands. And, this time, he’s giving back his knowledge and experience to his hometown community—Gretna.

For a much anticipated one-night engagement, Calvin’s national speaking and book signing tour will stop right here in Gretna — May 5th, 2017, at 6:30pm, at the Hampton Inn located at 200 McBride Lane, Gretna, VA 24557.

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“This is truly a prophetic experience that invites attendees to release past pains and current limitations to embrace their unlimited potential and purpose. This event is a journey of hope that leads attendees one step closer into their destiny. It’s not simply motivational or inspiration. This is life-changing transformation at its finest. Gretna is where I was born and where my life’s journey really started! I’m really excited for the opportunity to invest back into the community that I love”, says Witcher.

Calvin’s story started in what many called “the projects” of Gretna. In his early 20’s, after being frustrated with life, he made the conscious choice not be a victim of his environment. He broke out on his own to create a name from himself, and his family.

Starting at McDonalds, he practiced a relentless work ethic, studied personal development, and embodied a zeal which eventually helped him become a manager at McDonalds and then the owner of his very restaurant. Then the recession hit. He lost his restaurant, home, and cars. He started over by moving to California, but found himself almost 8 days from being homeless. However, he chose to persevere over failure, causing him to reinvent his life once again. Within months he became director and VP of several multinational companies.

After years in the corporate world, he found himself returning to his roots in spirituality and personal development.
Now Calvin mentors and trains thousands across the nation in spiritual growth, personal empowerment, and professional development. Calvin, his products, and programs have been featured on Success Magazine, iTunes Top 30 spiritual video podcasts, Barnes & Nobles, and, to name just a few.

In his event on May 5th, Calvin says, “expect it to be a fusion of music, laughter, tears, Aha! moments, personal breakthrough sessions, and transformative teaching.” As the talk comes to an end, it often takes a more personal direction to provide participants with practical application from Calvin’s talk in Q&A style.

“Calvin is a miracle worker. You can say three sentences and he can pin-point the situation right away. He has a very clear perspective that you may not have even recognized yourself. He is so caring for his clients and at the same time he is up front and gets to the point so we can tackle things one-by-one and move forward to results. Whether it’s business or personal, Calvin can coach you to your right path that you deserve to reveal to yourself. Thank you so much for our work so far Calvin!” – says Jessica Fry of The Signature Gallery in Laguna Beach, California

Calvin is thrilled to be sharing his insights on spirituality and showcasing his books and programs in his hometown. He warmly invites everyone to attend. His intent is to share this time with his friends and family and inspire others to recognize their unlimited potential.

The details of the event are as follows:

Calvin Witcher: Speaking and Book Signing
May 5th, 2017 at 6:30pm – Hampton Inn, 200 McBride Ln, Gretna, VA 24557

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Let’s celebrate and welcome Gretna’s very own on this special day.

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