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Meet Calvin

CALVIN WITCHER is an Author, Teacher and Spiritual Crusader that has coached international teachers, doctors, therapists, business professionals and individuals seeking clarity. He is a sought after thought-leader, conference speaker, and workshop facilitator in the fields of philosophy, spirituality, and personal development and has been featured in Success Magazine. Calvin is the executive producer of his self-help show on YouTube, and his podcast, Expect Great Things, debuted in the top 30 Spirituality video podcasts on iTunes. Calvin helps others find clarity through challenge, crisis, and change.
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Thorough and practical, unimaginable and realistic, immortal and human, Calvin Witcher’s philosophy transforms and rejuvenates your soul – creating comprehensive and direct experience that is out of this world. He calls you – the individual – to freedom and spiritual strengthening of your soul’s highest calling.

While his body of teachings derive truths from all spiritual paths, they continue to concentrate on the practical working of the current human experience. When your heart is open, and when you are desiring your fullest actualization, Calvin will show you how to master your own life in the most direct and efficient time-frame.


You are here because you have been seeking him. You are here because you are ready. Witcher’s programs are honest, direct, and to the point. Experience what others are talking about and join your new community. Be your truest self and live the life you came to live.

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The Choice Is Yours. We want you to know Calvin and develop naturally with his philosophy and teaching style. The best way you can get familiar with him and what he does is by liking Calvin on Facebook, Following him on Twitter and Instagram, Subscribing to his YouTube channel, and just start watching some of his free videos on this website and YouTube.

Are You Ready To Jump Right In?

If you are reading this, then you might be one of those people who are really serious about your spiritual Self-Connection and you definitely want an understanding of the principles of our universe. You know your heart is calling you to an incredible journey of Self-Revelation and rich empowerment. Calvin Witcher’s Academy is what you have been searching for. Developed with balanced, consistent, and connective courses, these teachings explode with enlightened knowledge and resourceful incites. Here you will find all the behind the scenes workings of genuine and sustainable spirituality.


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All our teachings are intentionally created with you in mind. Our desire is to guide you into your own knowing, healing, restoration, and Spiritual enlightenment. We want you to possess timeless tools you will use over and over again for your creation of a clear and holistic Self in the future.

Exclusive Content And Recordings

Calvin Witcher’s Academy library contains more than 100 hours of exclusive video and audio content including live-streams of every retreat and regular Q&A with Calvin.

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Participate in monthly workshops and be involved in a community of like-minded people through our chat sessions and forums.

  • Hiring Calvin is a no-brainer. No matter how “together” you believe things are, Calvin unearths new possibilities that changes the game. He has a way of innovating your ideas and playing them back to you in a way that makes you get off your ass and believe all is possible. And honestly, everyone needs somebody like that on their team.

    Bennie Mayberry
    Bennie Mayberry Intuitive Numerologist
  • "Calvin Witcher's teachings are profound, timeless, and life changing."

    fiZ Motivational Rock-Star
  • Our community group sources motivational speakers all the time. But, no other speaker have we sourced as many times as Calvin. Why? Simply, because Calvin rocks. He leaves you with a plan, not fluff. When he speaks, the room is filled! My members get value and they transform in real life.

    Bennie Mayberry
    Bennie Mayberry Positive Minded People

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Join Over 10,000+ Fans Just Like You

Receive Awesome, Authentic, & Actionable Advice. Consistently Delivered To You.