It’s time for you to discover your DIVINE superpowers!

Embrace your full spiritual purpose, free yourself from doubt caused by social peer pressure, AND use your Divine gifts to gain an edge in life and business.

Awaken Your Divine Abilities is designed to set you free and end the struggle experienced by many with harnessing their true power in their life and business!


Money is an ever-flowing experience around me and my people! It’s your time to tap into your overflow like never before!

This MasterClass is about giving you an unshakable foundation and focus on money! I will also deep dive with you to identify where you are losing money and have the opportunity to make more than you thought you could!

Now is your time to stop playing small with your prosperity power! here. Do you have what it takes?

You know that you're meant for more...but you often dim your light and power because of the opinions and reactions of others. You know you're destined to wear the crown, control the kingdom, and lead the charge in a way that makes the devil envy your skills.
Power isn't complicated. Persuasion isn't challenging.
It's time to CULTivate your way into your magical and masterful place in history.

SEX MAGICK is here!
This intimate experience is the next Masterclass that we are producing and it's's's SEX MAGICK.

Sex magick is a conscious practice where you use all the energy of sexual experiences and intercourse and “direct” it to an intended and specific purpose.

This 4-hour masterclass will give you my process for encouraging strangers to become shoppers! How to go from no one knowing you to gawking over you.

These simple, yet strategic, strategies will help you invite clients into your world.

These steps are the exact steps I have used to sell $1,000 courses, book $10,000 single sessions, and secure $50,000 private clients....

HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED A PROPHETIC SHIFT IN YOUR LIFE? Have you ever experienced a divine acceleration in your business?


This is a 3-HOUR livestream replay training and experience to help you accelerate your life and business leveraging this divine portal opening!


Fully Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts

This series is a collection of over 34 hours of courses that are designed to be the primary teaching on spiritual gifts and an evolution of the power of those gifts in the participant's life. The series starts with The Awareness Course which teaches a foundational understanding of spiritual gifts and progressively moves to The Activation Course that will give you comprehensive and strategic uses of spiritual gifts for prosperity and power.



During this 14-Day Magick Challenge,

⭐ Identify what you want in your life and business
⭐ Learn practical strategies to change your life and your business.
⭐ Receive the accountability to stay on track
⭐ Get progressive guidance throughout your journey
⭐ Learn to craft powerful intents that get results
⭐ Participate in rituals and ceremonies to enhance your desires


Elevate Your Spiritual Life

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