HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED A PROPHETIC SHIFT IN YOUR LIFE? Have you ever experienced a divine acceleration in your business?


This is a 3-HOUR livestream replay training and experience to help you accelerate your life and business leveraging this divine portal opening!


Fully Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts

This series is a collection of over 34 hours of courses that are designed to be the primary teaching on spiritual gifts and an evolution of the power of those gifts in the participant's life. The series starts with The Awareness Course which teaches a foundational understanding of spiritual gifts and progressively moves to The Activation Course that will give you comprehensive and strategic uses of spiritual gifts for prosperity and power.

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

This course starts with teaching a foundational understanding of spiritual gifts and how you know if you have one. The over 15 hours of lessons will cover understanding the uncommon gifts for living an unlimited life, the difference between a gift and a product, the clair-senses, and much more. Find out about the Origin, Objective, Operation, Ownership, and Office of Spiritual Gifts. And discover what it means if you are a Prophet, Psychic, Empath, or Intuitive.

Use Your Spiritual Gifts

This course builds on the Awareness Course and takes the understanding of what your spiritual gift is and to use your spiritual gift in your daily practice. Here, in over 19 hours of lessons, you will discover the patterns of your specific gift, the science behind extra-sensory perception, and learn what practices will grow your gift. This course will give you fundamental tools to begin and continue growing your spiritual gifts which can be developed at home, business, and all areas of your life.


During this 14-Day Magick Challenge,

⭐ Identify what you want in your life and business
⭐ Learn practical strategies to change your life and your business.
⭐ Receive the accountability to stay on track
⭐ Get progressive guidance throughout your journey
⭐ Learn to craft powerful intents that get results
⭐ Participate in rituals and ceremonies to enhance your desires


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