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Shiloh means, "the place of peace"

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We know - We know.

Shiloh is an interesting name, so allow us to explain a few things.

We are building our mission bigger and stronger than ever before, and you're part of that journey with us.

We'll be sharing more on this in the coming days and weeks.

Shiloh is the first step on that path! So, what is it all about?

The ancient city, originally called Tel Shilo שילה, was the very first capital of the Israeli people and was so for 369 years. It was Shiloh where they lived after captivity, where they shopped, worshipped, raised their families, and it was where the Tabernacle resided. It also was the place of pilgrimage for the Children of Israel.

The Jewish community has always been fond to my heart and our work. Did you know that I attended synagogue for years while I was in college? It was the B'nai Sholom Congregation in Bristol, TN and every week, this was my home.

This experience left a lasting mark on me.

The word Shiloh has Hebraic origin's meaning, "God's gift, the peaceful one, and the place of peace".

Historically, this city was the symbol of new life, new possibilities, and the opportunity to feel the sweet experience of freedom. To them, it was a new era.

It is with this spirit we proudly gather at SHILOH.

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