Calvin Witcher

is an internationally recognized Prophet, and is here to set forth universal harmony. His spiritual mandate is to see, speak, and translate from the spirit realm to this physical world. Prophet Calvin brings God’s messages to humanity through powerful teaching and training, allowing non-traditional followers to hear the divine voice of hope.

Mr. Witcher is a thought leader, best-selling author, and modern philosopher. He is known for his bold and integrative approach to spirituality and self-development. Prophet Calvin and his products have been featured on Success Magazine, iTunes Top 30 spiritual video podcasts, Barnes & Nobles, and, just to name a few.

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Our messages spread throughout multiple mediums. We are committed to make a positive impact on our world through our various ministries and organizations. Join us in the mission to expand consciousness.

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We've spent years fine-tuning our education and experience in the fields of spirituality, philosophy, and self-development. Now you have access to some of the best kept secrets to your growth!

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