When you’re DETERMINED, you’re allergic to DISTRACTIONS.

Many of you may be experiencing a slow death through steady distractions in your life. Now is the time to change that, IF you intend to walk in the powerful destiny you want! The opportunity to be distracted is always around us. However, just because distractions are present does not mean we need to (or should) participate in it.

We must understand that the earth reality that many people live in is what we call Third-Dimensional Consciousness. This means you understand things through time/space and cause/effect reality. “As a person sows, that will the person also reap.” “This-for-that” is the name of the game in the 3rd dimension. So forth and so on… So what does this mean for you? It means that you are sowing decisions into your time/space and cause/effect reality that will eventually manifest according to “like kind”. Meaning if you sow into distractions, you will eventually reap from it. If you sow into Distractors, you will reap from them (or worse) become the distractor to your own destiny.

Let me say it another way. Arguably, we only have 24 hours in a day. This means that you have an allotted amount of time in which to do any-thing. That would mean, you can’t do EVERY-THING. You must choose today whether you will serve the distractions in your life or support your own soul’s development. Part of your spiritual development is identifying Distractors in your life and doing something about it.

If you are distracted by one thing, then you are simultaneously missing another thing. As one conversation comes into focus, another one goes out of focus. This is magickal manipulation at it’s fine. I will not go too indepth on this matter (right now) but do understand that we are all creators shifting experiences for our own beneficial outcomes.

Having a personified view of distraction will help you see distraction as something external of you and not specifically integrated with you. This “observer effect” strategy will help you understand the inner workings of distraction in a less defensive and more objective way.

What do I mean by this?

If you view a distraction as a person, and not simply a perspective, then you can ask yourself, “What does distraction want?” “Does distraction seek to draw my attention towards something or away from something? Either way…Why?

With that being said….Everything is not worthy of your energy and not everyone deserves your time. Those that honor you, deserve you and those that honor your time get to benefit from your time with them. It’s that simple. That which you give energy to is something you want to intensify in your life. You must determine where your energy goes and grows on a continual basis.

Understand this powerful principle – That which distracts you, directs you. It directs your decisions and the dynamic in which you express yourself in life.

We are either determined or we are distracted. Which one are you? High distractions mean low determination. Low distractions means high determination.

Distractions are simply temptations to remain as your are and to keep situations as they are. For the individual that is embracing more of their purpose and passions in life, distractions can be the one enemy that you need to subdue in order to bring about necessary change.

The goal is not be distract-free person but to raise your awareness and action towards your determined and empowered state to such a degree that distractions don’t deter you off your path. There is another way to properly utilize distraction to your benefit, but that’s for another day’s teaching.

So today, If you’re finding yourself veering off your souls beaten path, start looking for the distractions.


  1. Am I distracted?
  2. What/Who am I distracted by and why?
  3. What should I be determined towards?
  4. What am I refusing to change thereby giving myself permission to be distracted?

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Infinite Blessings To You!

Prophet Calvin Witcher