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Awaken Your Divine Abilities


It’s time for you to discover your DIVINE superpowers!

Embrace your full spiritual purpose, free yourself from doubt caused by social peer pressure, AND use your Divine gifts to gain an edge in life and business.

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Presenter: Calvin Witcher
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In Awaken Your Divine Abilities you will:


You will discover what your real spiritual gifts are and why it exists


Learn the secrets to manifesting the life and business you want (every single time)


Receive powerful healings, prayers, and mantras to liberate you into your purpose


Learn tools to help silence your inner-critic that sabotages your power and progress

Most people fail to embrace their full spiritual purpose because they are plagued with doubt by religious programming and social peer pressure.

Awaken Your Divine Abilities is designed to set you free and end the struggle experienced by many with harnessing their true power in their life and business!

During this FREE 4 day Masterclass Series, you will:

Instantly identify why your energy feels hindered and finally unblock and awaken your divine abilities

Discover the range of Spiritual Gifts so you can finally understand, develop and trust your untapped power

Silence those nagging voices that whisper, “something is wrong with me… why am I so different… why do I feel this way?... this is sinful…. this is evil!”

Walk through exercises and learn mantras to help you release ancestral wounds so you can heal your future self.

Uncover and heal conscious and subconscious fears about being intuitive so you can quickly plug in to the power flowing freely in your own soul

Experience a radical soul shift so you can feel confident in your divine abilities

Tap into sacred guidance to help you navigate life more effectively

Up-level your relationships, business, health, and entire life

Meet Your Host

Prophet Calvin Witcher is an American spiritual guru with an international community, best-selling author, beloved activist, and acclaimed media executive.

He is best known as the founder of Neumology®, which is the body of religious beliefs, spiritual teachings, and practices.

Because of his impeccable insights into life and business, Prophet Calvin Witcher actively provides spiritual support to leaders, celebrities, influencers, politicians, and business executives.

His work and clients have been featured in Success Magazine, Comcast, AT&T, CNN, ABC, NBC, NPR, Netflix, Amazon, and numerous local and global media outlets.

His desire is to restore the supernatural power of Spirit through the lives of people just like you and help them fully realize their divine abilities!

Prophet Calvin's Recent ABC Appearance

Love From Happy Clients and Students

“Where do I begin?! Calvin is one of the most accurate voices of this generation. Since the first time I spoke with him, I've seen his words come to pass over and over. Consulting with Calvin has increased my faith and my confidence. He has even helped me navigate the painful loss of my beloved brother. I can truly say that Calvin Witcher is the real deal.”

Jennifer Benton

“If you want candid accuracy, this is your guy. I did some lightweight google stalking before I did a group reading with him and already knew I was in for a treat. I was nothing short of blown away. I kid you not, I felt like I was having a deep conversation with one of my best friends. He is absolutely amazing! I got answers without questions and couldn’t have been more at ease by the end. I give him the highest recommendation possible!”

Wrandi Williams

“My Reading with Calvin was nothing short of transformational. He’s thorough and uses a myriad of modalities to make sure that you receive the information that you need. I’ve been working to unpack everything that he shared, information that has not only made me excited about the future, but is challenging me to becoming a better person in the present.”

Jheanell Adams

Astrology Advisor & Strategist,

You Information is 100% Secure. Read Privacy Policy

Note: Every morning at 9:00 am (local time) you will receive a new video class and you will have several days to watch the recording.

Awaken Your Divine Abilities

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