It’s time for our FIRST SKY SESSION of the year - and this one is focused on the upcoming SUPERMOON!

On January 31st and the morning of Feb 1st, we will experience a event made in the stars and you will have a front row seat. The Supermoon is coming! There will also be a Total Lunar Eclipse on this night as well. Collectively, this experience will be commonly known as the “Super Blue Blood Moon”

What Exactly Is A Sky Session?
A sky session is an intuitive, informational, and instructional broadcast pertaining to what’s occurring in the heavens.

AWARENESS: 7-day online course

Awareness is a 7-day course designed to help you discover what your spiritual gifts are. In this course, you will learn about the different aspects of your divine nature and distinct gifts. You will understand your awareness in knowing, seeing, sensing, and many other faculties. Awareness is the first course in the Divine Abilities Series.

The Divine Abilities Series
This series is a collection of courses that are designed to be a primary teaching on spiritual gifts and an evolution of the power of those gifts in the participants life. The series starts with teaching a foundational understanding of the gifts and progressively moves to comprehensive and strategic uses of the gifts for prosperity and power.

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