Activating Abundance


HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED A PROPHETIC SHIFT IN YOUR LIFE? Have you ever experienced a divine acceleration in your business?

This is a 3-HOUR livestream replay training and experience to help you accelerate your life and business leveraging this divine portal opening!


During this training, sincere seekers joined me for an unprecedented moment in time that we call the Lion’s Gateway! Now you can participate in this portal and power and all that is available to you!

The Lions Gate has ties to ancient Egypt and for thousands of years has been observed as an energetic influx and activation!

It's called the Lions Gate, or Lions Gateway because it occurs in the astrological sign of Leo (the Lion). As a Zodiac Sign, Leo is associated with the heart center and represents the individualized expression of the Divine. Why is this so powerful? As the ancient text says, “Where your treasure is, there your heart is!” When you open your heart up to receiving, you open it up to greater revelation and also revenue!

This Journey Will Have 8 Powerful Experiences!
♾ Opening Meditation
♾ Invitation for Increase Mantra
♾ Channeled Transmission
♾ Eight Abundance Anchors
♾ Ritual for Recurring Riches
♾ Question & Answer Time
♾ Prayer of Divine Access
♾ Closing Thoughts

Your investment is an offering in activating and advancing your abundance! Expect to experience INCREASE in your life and business at an uncommon rate!


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We'll notify you as soon as we have open enrollment to join NEUMIND. We offer this in limited times a year.