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Around the age of eight years old, I’ve began experiencing the supernatural power of having spiritual gifts and how impactful it can be. Since 2000, I’ve been a Master Prophet, Divine Channeler, and Transformation Guide for countless around the world. I’ve learned the elements needed for a supported and grounded transition from everyday living to a continual divine existence. I’ve witnessed the power of what occurs when we learn to be aware of our gifts and use them for the benefit of ourselves and others.

That's why I've created AWARENESS, and now ACTIVATION.


ACTIVATION: 12-module online course

ACTIVATION is a 12-module online course will give you training, techniques, and tools to help take your spiritual gifts from information to initiation. You will learn how to live a lifestyle where your gifts are continually utilized. In this course, we cover the science behind your spiritual gifts, neuroscience and neuroplasticity, brain development, psychological development, beneficial practices and many other topics designed to enhance your gifts. Activation is the second course in the Divine Abilities Series.

How The Course Works:

    • 14+ HOURS OF TEACHINGS (12 videos)
    • 12 recorded lessons for your access at your convenience
    • Written coursework and companion handouts for your use

Once you have signed up for ACTIVATION, you will receive login credentials to access the course and your members area.

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Master Prophet Calvin Witcher


The Divine Abilities Series
This series is a collection of courses that are designed to be a primary teaching on spiritual gifts and an evolution of the power of those gifts in the participants life. The series starts with teaching a foundational understanding of the gifts and progressively moves to comprehensive and strategic uses of the gifts for prosperity and power.