Business Intensive (10k)


Growing your business is not just about information, it’s about insight! And, building your legacy is not just about strategy - it’s about synergy.



Purpose & Prosperity Plan

Where the supernatural meets strategy™️

I help leaders become legendary by building a legacy that allows them to live well while doing good. One of my secret weapons is providing enlightened execution that empowers you and your mission.

As a seasoned spiritual advisor for almost three decades, accomplished business executive, and serial entrepreneur for almost 20 years, I see people sit “too close to the mirror” and struggle to see the fulfillment of their ideal future. They often feel discouraged and directionless, as they try to keep up with a world that won't slow down and never sleeps. They settle for "just enough", when they’re supposed to have an empire. When I help them see the bigger vision of their existence, they begin to know the next best moves for their life and business.

Anything can change.
Everything can change.
The only question is, “Are you ready for change?”

Instead of feeling confident that you can successfully get your business to the next level, you may feel:

❌ Overwhelmed by the amount of work you feel like you “should” be doing to get there
❌ Confused by all the information telling you to do something different every day
❌ Frustrated by the seemingly uphill battle facing the growth of your business
❌ Tired of working long hours to figure it all out by yourself
❌ Worried that your business isn’t set up to support the life you want
❌ Terrified that if you make radical moves you may lose it all
❌ Intimidated by comparing your progress with others in your field
❌ Conflicted because you’re trying to balance integrity with boosting income
❌ Annoyed because you really don’t know what to do next

Now, take a breath, and imagine with me that you are:

✅ Connected to your true calling, deepest desires, and overall vision
✅ Confident that your brand is communicating the right message to the world
✅ Equipped with the insights, tools, and strategy to seamlessly move to the next level
✅ Supported by someone who can help you to build a better life and business
✅ Empowered because you now have ongoing guidance aligned with your values
✅ Intentional about creating a sustainable business that supports the life you want
✅ Profitable and free from the slavery that finances once had over you
✅ Passionate about the future and what’s in store for you moving forward
✅ Powerful because of the profound internal clarity that you now possess
✅ Impactful in your community because of your opportunity to give more
✅ Legendary in your niche as an industry leader and is respected by your peers


If this sounds like just the thing you need, I’d love to connect with you for my Purpose & Profitability Intensive®!


When making monumental moves is your only option, my intensive gets the job done with more efficient execution. This is not a reading. This a full assault and disruption to the patterns getting in your way.

The answers you are seeking are easily accessible and not hidden from you. And, I stand as a willing conduit of Spirit to source those answers and help light the way forward.


I treasure your legacy as if it were my own! I take each client seriously and prefer to work with people with a big vision, great integrity, and a tenacious work ethic! Please be ready to go to the next level! If you’re a visionary and serious action taker, then I’d love to hear from you!



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