Gateway Session (1-8-1-8)


Running Time: 1 hr, 24 min, 15 sec
In this audio, Master Prophet Calvin Witcher guides you into the knowledge of portals, specifically what one is, how to open it, and ultimately how to harness its power for your benefit.


Gateway Session (1-8-1-8)

This Gateway Session (1-8-1-8) marks the beginning of a new realm of power for all that seek transformation. The theme of this season is simply: “As above, so below”. We are seeking to align ourselves on earth with the divine will that is already present in the heavens.

What is a Gateway Session?

A gateway is a portal; a means of transportation from one place to another. These sessions give you the insights surrounding the celestial, energetic, and mystical experiences that are present and how to avail them.

Listen to this audio session where you will:

::: Dive into the spiritual significance of the time
::: Learn how to utilize the power for your personal benefit
::: Connect with a community of like-minded seekers
::: Receive divine insight and instruction from Master Prophet
::: Shift your life into a higher and deeper realm of revelation
and much much...



Taken from original broadcast: “January Gateway Session” on Jan 7, 2018

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