$497.00 / month

SANCTUM is the central incubator for the divine insights of Prophet Calvin and a container for his teachings on Neumology. This is more than a membership; it is a mental makeover. And, it is a portal to deepen your personal journey into spirituality in order to experience a more fulfilling way of life.


They say, "home is where the heart is".

This axiom is the center of our community; this is our home; this is our heart; and, this is our sacred union. It is here that the soul learns and ultimately where Spirit lives.


Thank you for helping us lead the next era of enlightenment and demonstrating the path to infinite power!

Our rebirth has occurred.

This is our *neu *life.

SANCTUM [ sangk-tuh m ] is Latin for "that which is holy". We know that ‘holiness’ is often a very misunderstood word, so allow us to clarify. The English word "holy" dates back to at least the 11th century with the Old English word "hālig" meaning, "sound, healthy, complete, and whole".

Being a member of SANCTUM is not about perfection, it’s about "having a divine quality, being dedicated and devoted to the service of Spirit, and having a healthy and whole life". This private experience is cultivated by our Prophet Calvin and is designed to be a beacon of hope that sets the soul eternally free and helps foster new life.

Additionally, Prophet will have dedicated temple time for us every month. This time will likely occur often during the month. This experience will be called** Sanctum Sanctorum **which translates as the "holy of holies".