Thank you for your interest in a private reading! Each reading is approximately 60 minutes and the current fee is $1,500 USD. A private reading is scheduled for one person at a time. Audio and Video recording is not allowed but note taking is STRONGLY SUGGESTED. In a mediumship reading, up to 4 people may attend the same session. Recordings of private readings may be provided for an additional fee.

A reading with Calvin is completely unique, and energetically calibrated for what you need to experience in your life. Private reading sessions are conducted via video or by telephone. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

NOTICE ON CANCELLATIONS OF ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS: Note that time slots are at a premium and are often booked days or weeks in advance. If you reschedule, you are essentially taking two time slots. If you cancel, that spot is often not fillable at the last minute.

As a result, appointments cannot be rescheduled, and cancellations will not be refunded. If a new time is needed, payment will be required for that second meeting time. All sales are final. Thank you for understanding.

Get Clear - Be Empowered - Feel Inspired

Kristin Thompson, Founder of has this to say...

"Calvin is amazing! As a gal who speaks a lot for a living it was so refreshing to let Calvin take the lead. With no information from me, he started tuning in at the core issue at hand, and the information he shared kept coming and coming.
He gave me the insight I needed to make my next business move with confidence, while honoring my gifts, and keeping in mind how I specifically need to work to be happy.
The session was extremely helpful in giving me clarity and confidence with what lies ahead.
I also really appreciate Calvin's style. He is loving and comes from a place of service, while also being a real straight shooter. I felt confident that he would be honest and straight forward with me, which is critical.
The session exceeded my expectations.
I'll be back! <3 Big love to you my friend and thank you for using your talents as a force for good in the world."

This is your invitation to experience the supernatural for yourself!

A reading with me is completely unique, and energetically calibrated for what you need to experience in your life. You will experience the:

🔘 PROPHETIC (Your destiny and spiritual journey)
🔘 PSYCHIC (What your soul want/desires)
🔘 MEDIUMSHIP (Communication messages from beyond)

GET INSIGHTS + DIRECTION + Get greater details on the following:

✅ Love + Relationships
✅ Purpose + Desires
✅ Healing + Restoration
✅ Finances + Career
✅ Business + Calling
✅ Past Loved Ones
✅ Reconcile Past Challenges
✅ Understand Present Circumstances
✅ What The Future Holds For You

During the reading, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions to further enhance your experience!

Tucker Bearden, Keynote Speaker and Host of "Stay Humble - Hustle Hard" show says...

"Calvin is truly one of the most amazing people I have ever come across. His gifts are more than impressive. They are mind blowing!!!
He brings a level of professionalism to the table that is second to none. We had Calvin on my show Stay Humble Hustle Hard LIVE and it was hands down the best episode we have had.
He did readings on the show and completely floored me and my audience. He knew things that were private and had never been shared. He was able to connect with the audience in a way I have never seen before.
I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone work with this man.
After just a few moments of speaking with him, you will never look at the world the same way again.
He gives you a Shock Factor that shifts your mindset and understanding of your world in an entirely unexpected direction.
I was at a loss of words... Completely blown away!
This man is THE REAL DEAL!
I am really looking forward to working with this man again in the near future.
Calvin you are a blessing to the world. Thank you for all that you do."

You're Not In Trouble,

You're Just In Transition

Our Reviews Speak For Themselves

What Others Are Experiencing

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What Others Are Saying

I had my first ever prophetic reading done with Calvin and it was an amazing experience. I appreciated that he cut straight to the point and did not try to sugar coat anything he has to say. He is multi-talented and easily shifted between coach and counselor depending on the topic at hand.

If there was a particularly delicate topic he asked permission before going there and I appreciated his respect in that manner. If you have ever contemplated getting a reading done, look no further than Calvin. You will NOT be disappointed! Dr. Annette Stephenson

Doctor of Audiology, Cayman Hearing Center

Prophet Calvin instantly read the room, and instinctively connected with the people when he visited METRON Community.

We found his positive energy to be quite engaging, the insights that he shared were enlightening, and his personal words to individuals were accurate. Bishop Jim Swilley

Founder, METRON Community

Calvin, you are a true blessing and so grateful I’ve met you. I was in awe of all you shared with me, your guidance and messages are just incredible. I’m so glad that I made the time to see you in person, even if I did fly all the way from Australia.

How you deliver your divine messages is just phenomenal. Much love to you. Bless your heart. Jaime Marie Aplin

Life Coach

Calvin is PHENOMENAL!! He incorporates so many different modalities and gifts that there is no option but to benefit from a session with him! I have worked with several other spiritually-gifted individuals and have been very pleased, but my session with Calvin blew me out of the water!

He was able to not only answer all the questions I wrote down without me asking, but also give me the root-cause of the issues, and on top of that pragmatic coaching through the "how-to" process! I highly, highly, highly recommend Calvin's services on a continued basis. I know I'll be going back! Haley Lee Hallock

CEO, Stitched Head & Heart Project

In working with Calvin, he shows a sincere interest in his clients. He lends support and guidance, as well as he provides life transforming tools in the fasted way. He has a genuine motivation and confident in his clients' potentials. Working with Calvin is a positive experience that brings about lasting positive changes and the encouragement we need to make them. Graciela Aires Rust

Licensed Psychotherapist, Holistic Growth

Prophet Calvin Witcher ministered at my church, The Movement, in Atlanta, Georgia last week. The move of God was strong and it's clear that God's hand is on Calvin's life. The Prophetic words were accurate and timely.

I highly recommend bringing Prophet Calvin to your next event and I look forward to working together with his ministry in the near future!" Pastor Judah Swilley



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