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Prophet Calvin instantly read the room, and instinctively connected with the people when he visited METRON Community.

We found his positive energy to be quite engaging, the insights that he shared were enlightening, and his personal words to individuals were accurate.

Bishop Jim Swilley  METRON Community

I had my first ever prophetic reading done with Calvin and it was an amazing experience. I appreciated that he cut straight to the point and did not try to sugar coat anything he has to say.

He is multi-talented and easily shifted between coach and counselor depending on the topic at hand. If there was a particularly delicate topic he asked permission before going there and I appreciated his respect in that manner.

If you have ever contemplated getting a reading done, look no further than Calvin. You will NOT be disappointed!

Dr. Annette Stephenson  Doctor of Audiology

Calvin is PHENOMENAL!! He incorporates so many different modalities and gifts that there is no option but to benefit from a session with him! I have worked with several other spiritually-gifted individuals and have been very pleased, but my session with Calvin blew me out of the water!

He was able to not only answer all the questions I wrote down without me asking, but also give me the root-cause of the issues, and on top of that pragmatic coaching through the "how-to" process! I highly, highly, highly recommend Calvin's services on a continued basis. I know I'll be going back!

Haley Hallock  Stitched Head and Heart Project

Prophet Calvin is amazingly gifted, relentlessly hard working, and one of the most real spiritual leaders you'll ever meet!

The length and breath of his knowledge in various spiritual areas combine with his boundless energy and drive allow him to produce more life changing content in a month than most produce in a year.

His ability to connect with people and spirits in meaningful and impactful ways is a wonder to experience.

Matthew Sanchez 

"Prophet Calvin Witcher ministered at my church, The Movement, in Atlanta, Georgia last week. The move of God was strong and it's clear that God's hand is on Calvin's life.

The Prophetic words were accurate and timely. I highly recommend bringing Prophet Calvin to your next event and I look forward to working together with his ministry in the near future!"

Pastor Judah Swilley  The Movement
More Outstanding Testimonials
Kathy Harvey

"Our Community in the ATL was graced by a precious gift, Prophet Calvin. We are the MOVEMENT! All praises and honor to our anointed Pastor, Judah Benjamin Swilley for allowing access and introducing us to such a gift that brings an atmosphere both electric and explosive. I am sincerely drawn to Prophet Calvin's intellect and how he commands the words of Spirit. Yes, he is an unmatched, modern day wordsmith and scholar. But most importantly he's very gentle, loving, and kind to all. Bless God the Prophet revealed we are on God's agenda and shared with us Spirit's trajectory of our communities’s path, direction, and eminent turns.

Okay, so here is my testimonial. I had been suffering from chronic and excruciating pain in my right shoulder which extended to my right wrist. I've experienced this discomfort since February 2017. I have undergone x-rays, labs, CAT scans, and MRIs, just to name a few. I entrusted care to the top facility in the Atl which is Emory University Hospital. Yet my doctors are all scratching their heads as they can see inflammation but have not been able to figure out where visible swelling and pain comes from. I have really suffered to the greatest degree. But God heard my prayer and sent the prophet to our community to reveal the secret of the source of pain. Prophet Calvin ministered to me and he pointed out the excruciating pain in my shoulder and wrist. Blessed be the name of the Lord Sunday in the ATL I received relief from all this pain in my shoulder and wrist. How could he know this mystery except Spirit revealed it to him. Blessed and highly favored of God, I am, Harvey."

Pol Cousineau
The Digital Navigator

“Calvin has helped me better understand my life events and accept the challenges that are being presented to me. More particularly I was experiencing doubt, which appeared to be something negative, and Calvin was able to help me use this as a positive tool for growth and cultivating faith.”

Nelson Quinones

“I don't know if I can cohesively express in words, how life changing our experience was and how grateful I am, that the Prophet came and gave life to our congregation and to me. I don't have the words.”

Machonna Jones

“I have been dealing with some things that I kept to myself for a while, which it threw me for a loop when Prophet Calvin ask to pray for me and told me he felt my pain. I don't want to get too deep but the gift that God has blessed him with changed my life.”

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