Hello Beloved,

This is a prophecy (a divine message from Spirit) to live by! I just now posted this my Facebook page and wanted you to experience the wealth of this wisdom!


Now that I have your attention…Welcome ?? Many of us have been taught to live beneath our potential rather that stretching beyond our wildest dreams! This must stop – TODAY!

We’ve been taught – programmed even – that the ego is some foreign entity that possesses our body, mind, and soul at our weak points or times where we think “too much of ourselves”. Our society doesn’t suffer from high self-esteem and, in fact, it’s the opposite… we’re in a famine of faith, a crisis of confidence, and most live in the agony of not pushing their own soul’s ambition.

WE MUST, turn the tide of this trend. For too long, you were led to believe that ego is bad. I have a surprise for you. No it’s not. In the rare occasions where you have operated in your genius and do so with confidence – someone discouraged you and condemned you and called you “arrogant, high-minded, selfish, and many like names.”

You’re not here on earth to escape your life but to exalt it. YES, YOU NEED TO EMBRACE THE POWER OF E.G.O.

What do I mean by this?

The E.G.O. means, “EXPRESSING GOD OUTWARDLY”. You have divine power bottled up inside of you and as you realize that essence into the world, you encourage other to express their god-nature, and together we all rise in the power we are meant to live in. This is nothing to feel horrible about – this is something to honor. This is something to display to everyone you meet…INCLUDING yourself.

Aren’t we all seeking more of God?…. More Miracles?….More Wonder?….More of the Impossible?

If you, and others around you, don’t experience God’s fullness, it’s only because someone is hiding the secret within themselves.

So yes, I’m telling you to love your E.G.O. Love EXPRESSING GOD OUTWARDLY and in doing so you manifest the revelation of Psalm 82.6, “You are gods; you are all children of the Most High.”

Be Well and Do Good,

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Infinite Blessings,

Prophet Calvin Witcher