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IN THE PROPHETIC FLOW with Bishop Jim Swilley
EXPECT GREAT THINGS topic, "Order from Chaos"

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"Prophet Calvin instantly read the room, and instinctively connected with the people when he visited METRON Community. We found his positive energy to be quite engaging, the insights that he shared were enlightening, and his personal words to individuals were accurate."BishopBishop Jim Swilley
Founder of METRON Community

"The Prophetic TarotScope has been the most inspiring for me... Every time I sit down to watch a TarotScope reading, I pray to my God that he will use Prophet Calvin as a speaker for him and to use him to pass on knowledge I need to receive from him... My journey to peace includes Prophet Calvin and this community."
Summer Flowers

"Prophet Calvin is amazingly gifted, relentlessly hard working, and one of the most real spiritual leaders you'll ever meet! His ability to connect with people and spirits in meaningful and impactful ways is a wonder to experience."
Matthew Sanchez

"On every call I have participated in, I hear something that relates to where I am, and Prophet Calvin usually offers some alternatives to help navigate... I would encourage a new person to listen and observe even if they are skeptical."HollisHollis E. Cobb, Jr.





"Calvin Witcher's Teachings and Community Facebook group is a very supportive, private group for those who are exploring and learning about their own spirituality and beyond... I highly recommend Calvin's group for those who want a safe space to learn and grow."Kim O'Neill
Life Coach, and Host of “Every Day Is A New Day”

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